Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uncle Hugo's is Minnesota's Authentic American Experience

Via File 770

My favorite local bookstore, Uncle Hugo's, has been featured on's listing of 50 Authentic American Experiences. The author, Reed Tucker, selected Uncle Hugo's as Minnesota's Authentic American Experience.
In this age of the world-devouring chains, an independent bookstore is as rare a sight as a first edition of Harry Potter. An independent bookstore devoted to science fiction is even rarer still. But since 1974, Uncle Hugo's in Minneapolis has been stocking its shelves with a huge variety of new and used sci-fi books and earning a national rep among fans of the genre.

I am a big fan of browsing the used shelves of Uncle Hugo's and seeing what I can find. I've picked up more than a few C.J. Cherryh novels in book club edition hardcovers, the early Steven Brust Vlad Taltos novels, and my greatest discovery (for which I need to give credit to Etoile9 for making sure I didn't miss it)...nearly the entire set of Wild Cards novels in paperback. 13 of them, all at once. And other stuff, of course.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a terrific store. I think specialty book stores like this one may be the best hope independants have of sticking around.

Joe said...

Uncle Hugo's is outstanding. I love browsing for used books. I'm sure it is good for new books, but I honestly barely glance at those.