Sunday, August 30, 2009

Queen of the Iron Sands: Scott Lynch to serialize novel

In 1943, Violet DeVere and her fellow WASPs did their part to help destroy an axis of brutal dictators that threatened the future of planet Earth.

In 1950, Violet DeVere will be kidnapped across a hundred million miles of space, to an impossible empire on the ancient planet Mars, where she will rise alone to defy an invincible tyranny that dooms fifty million souls...
Queen of the Iron Sands is a "planetary romance unfolding weekly", from Scott Lynch.

Lynch has joined the ranks of those serializing novels online and for free.

Lynch writes,

So, let's set some ground rules.

First, those of you doing a potty dance for a certain forthcoming novel should know this won't slow down my work on that, because I can't let it. I've taken a couple of hours to set the HTML for this project up, but after this, I won't be writing for Queen of the Iron Sands for some time. I've got five finished installments lined up like bullets ready to be fired, and even with the accelerated pace of my first-week releases those will keep me for a month.

Second, this story is free. It's got nothing to do with any existing contract, it's no publicity stunt for any upcoming project (though it is, for damn sure, a publicity stunt for my work in general, meant to end my long silence in the loudest possible fashion). I have a donation button, for those that wish to throw some coins in the jar, but think of it in those terms-- pay what you like, as a tip, to show that you enjoy the story, and to help me keep presenting it. If you don't like the story, you don't owe me nothin'.

I'll check this out. The two novels he has published were outstanding, so I have high hopes for this while we wait for Republic of Thieves. Because we're waiting for Republic of Thieves, and Lynch is well aware of the score.

The first chapter is up now.

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