Saturday, August 29, 2009

Paul Cornell's Thirty Comics for Hugo Voters

A week ago Paul Cornell posted a list of thirty comics that are worth considering for the Best Graphic Novel category next year at the Hugos.

I've only just been getting into comics this last year, so this is a great resource to find some comics to read.

There's some good stuff that I've heard of, some that I've read, and a whole lot that I now want to read.


Adele said...

great link. I read comics and graphic novels quite a bit at one point, then didn't for years and have just started rediscovering them.

V said...

You can't go wrong with anything from Vertigo, generally. And Planetary is very good (naturally, it's Warren Ellis). Personally I would steer well clear of Fruits Basket or that cheesy looking Oni Press thing, but you know my tastes.

Joe said...

I am quite well aware of your opinion of Oni Press (though, Queen & Country)

I googled Fruits Basket and the description of it might give me hives. I don't think that one looks all that interesting.