Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tradition, by Jo Walton

Jo Walton
Lone Star Stories: Issue 21

Jo Walton's two and a half page store in Lone Star Stories is a pleasant little diversion. It features a man on a faraway planet who is not entirely part of the planet’s culture because unlike most of the humans, he had been born artificially. He did not have a family tradition of stories and history and things that have been done by tradition. He married a woman with a very large family and at one family gathering he tries to work out exactly why one particular tradition is the way it is.

It's a pleasant story and the ending is one of those endings which makes the reader smile and nod a little bit. It's a familiar feeling story and a semi-predictable ending, know? It was a nice little story which takes a short amount of time to read.

I'm glad I did.

And reading her journal I am reminded that her novel Farthing is nominated for a host of awards. Perhaps I should read it.


Nick said...

Good seeing you read Midnight Tides. Good book. Very funny. Awesome ending.

Nick said...

Awful cover art.

Joe said...

I'm not sure a Malazan novel has had good cover art. You should see the awful cover art for The Bonehunters.


Nick said...

The European one is all right.

Excepting the first book they've done pretty okay, I think.

Nick said...

But that American cover for the Bonehunters? Ugh. Still, the cover you got for Gardens makes me want to run away screaming like a little girl.

Joe said...

Our Bonehunters cover is way worse than our Gardens cover (which isn't that good anyway).