Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Arrived: Steampunk Magazine #1

Today the first issue of Steampunk Magazine arrived in my mailbox. It was available for free online, and I do enjoy reading short fiction and essays and interviews online, but I do so very loathe reading PDFs. So, I up and ordered the premiere issue.

It's odd. I'm not really a big fan of Steampunk. I've read The Light Ages, which I'm pretty sure falls into the steampunk tradition, and it's not something that quite hits me. I was intrigued by the magazine. Offered for free online, or for cheap in print. I wanted something to hold in my hand if the alternative was to read a PDF.

The magazine itself is only $3, but I didn't take shipping into account and that brought the price up to $5.16. That's fine, but I could have ordered Electric Velocipede for the price, Subterranean, or a couple of other things.

So, I hope it's good. I'll be reviewing the stories and then giving an overview of my thoughts on the magazine itself with some discussion on the other features.

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