Saturday, June 09, 2007

Journal of a Seasoned COBRA Veteran

Journal of a Seasoned COBRA Veteran
Keith Pille
McSweeney's Internet Tendency

We sure seem to have a lot of ninjas on the COBRA payroll.

After the glory that is 2002's Journal of a New COBRA Recruit, I stumbled across a follow up story where our Recruit has been around the block and has just been promoted to work in the Terrordrome.
I was squaring off with that silly sailor they keep on the team, the one who brings his parrot into battle with him. I pretty much had him on the ropes, because he insisted on fighting with a pirate pistol and a set of grappling hooks. That's no match for a laser rifle and a good set of lungs to yell "COBRA!"
I think that the Recruit story is stronger and fresher than the Veteran story is, but that is also because the Recruit story was the first one and introduced us to the silliness that is COBRA, but Veteran is still decent enough. It's a quick little story.

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