Wednesday, June 13, 2007

sweet zombie of mercy I am home

5:01 PM -

I am so scared right now. My mouth is shaking. I left work at 12:30 and I just got home now. This may take a while for me to type out.

The bosses at work sent everybody home early. I aimed towards 35W when I saw that part of the highway was ripped up. I should point out that Washington Ave was nearly empty. There were cars on fire, cars burnt out, people yelling and moaning and moving slowly. I shot towards 94 and that road was no better so I took the first exit I came to.

I don't know how to describe the next few hours. I drove semi-aimlessly through the streets of South Minneapolis heading ever more south. That's all I knew - go south. Get home.

Here is what I can put into words: There are riots on the streets of Minneapolis, even the nicer residential neighborhoods. Houses, stores, cars - all on fire. People with guns, crazed dogs. Roads are blocked. I was almost car-jacked by the slowest moving person ever. Half her face was chewed off but still she came as I tried to force my car past one abandoned in the middle of Lyndale.

I saw things that I don't think that will go away when I close my eyes.

All of the radio stations are static now, but that might be because something ate the antenna of my car.

I ran over a child to get home. I couldn't stop, couldn't swerve. The child was eating out the stomach of a dog and she looked up at me with blood dripping off her chin. I hit her and kept going.

I'm home. I thought I'd never be home. I just don't know if I'm safe. My wife is staying at work.

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