Saturday, June 02, 2007

May 2007 Reading

1. Aztechs - Lucius Shepard
2. A Thousand Deaths - George Alec Effinger
3. Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse - James Luceno
4. Spring Broke - Nathaniel Welch
5. Shadow Games - Glen Cook
6. Starship: Mutiny - Mike Resnick
7. Blowing My Cover - Lindsay Moran
8. In the Garden of Iden - Kage Baker
9. Into a Dark Realm - Raymond E. Feist
10. Balance Point - Kathy Tyers
11. The Sportswriter - Richard Ford
12. The Astonishing X-Men: Torn - Joss Whedon
13. The Last Colony - John Scalzi
14. The Naked God: Flight - Peter F. Hamilton

Best Book(s) of the Month: Shadow Games, Blowing My Cover. – There’s just something about a good Black Company novel which just satisfies.

Worst Book of the Month: Balance Point

Pleasant Surprise of the Month: Starship: Mutiny – Outside of a Hugo nominated story, this was my first taste of Mike Resnick’s work. I’d probably call this a science fiction beach read, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Good science fiction fun. Made me smile.

Disappointment of the Month: The Sportswriter

Scalzi of the Month: The Last Colony – What? I can’t call out work by one of my favorite authors?

For those keeping score at home, The Naked God: Flight was book #96 for the year.

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