Saturday, June 09, 2007

Arrived: Subterranean Magazine #4

Forgot to mention the other day that Issue #4 of Subterranean Magazine arrived in the mail. While I have been a regular reader of Subterranean Online since it first began, I have never purchased anything from Subterranean Press (their limited editions books are a bit expensive for my budget, though they look amazing!).

I do not know if Subterranean will continue with their print magazines now that they are putting content available online for free, issue #7 is still at a pre-order and it is supposed to include Vacancy by Lucius Shepard, a story which has already appeared online.

Still, I expect to love issue #4. This is the John Scalzi edited cliche issue. It looks like a lot of fun to read and it also features the first professional sale of Rachel Swirsky, whom you may recognize from this mini review. This is fun, exciting stuff, folks.

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