Sunday, June 03, 2007

magazines and misc

A list of magazines I currently read or plan on checking out in the near future. Some have free content online

Current Reads:
Subterranean Online: My current favorite. Consistently excellent stories.
Strange Horizons: I like, but hit or miss.
Clarkesworld: Two free stories a month.
Weird Tales: I subscribe and am waiting for the first issue to arrive (the next issue, 345, I believe)

To Check Out for Quality:
Electric Velocipede: I plan on purchasing a single issue and perhaps a chapbook.
Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet: I'll be ordering issue 20 (my first) in a while.
Subterranean Magazine - the print edition: I just ordered issue #4, the Scalzi cliche issue. $6, no shipping charge
Steampunk Magazine: I ordered issue #1 (they are currently at #2). The issue is only $3, but with shipping $5.16
Darker Matter : free online content.
Heliotrope: free online content, but in PDF format (PDFs don't make for good copy and paste to a word doc).
Hub Magazine
Rabid Transit: Not a zine, but inexpensive chapbooks. Alan DeNiro is part of this whole series.

Anyone know of any other quality zines which provide free online content or are simply worth a few dollars to consider a single issue trial?

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