Wednesday, June 13, 2007

IKEA, too?

6:15 AM - I have had the chance to eat some breakfast and walk my dog. There is an eerie quiet for a Wednesday morning. I think I am being paranoid. I had several nightmares last night about zombies taking over Bloomington and running amok. I woke up in a cold sweat, so much so I had to shower this morning. I hate morning showers. Anyway, I have zombies on the brain. Pun intended. I was all excited about writing about this hypothetical zombie uprising this morning and I just can't. The police stole my angle about covering the Mall of America and I’m creeped out by my dreams last night.

I am trying to keep up with what is going on at the Mall. There are no articles posted online, but something bad is going down. My wife and I were just there this weekend with her brother and his wife and kidlet. Scary! We realize that it can be this big and symbolic target, but you never think that something like this can really happen.

There are already reports of gunfire. More police have been called to the scene. The Mall is so big that I wonder if most of the police in the Metro area will be on the scene. State Troopers, city police. I don't think Bloomington has the presence to manage this, whatever this is. There have to be some really bad men at the Mall right now. Reports are that there is also a disturbance at the IKEA across the street. What is going on!? This is scary!

The MPR reporter at the scene just said that Governor Pawlenty better call in the National Guard before this gets out of hand.

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