Monday, June 04, 2007

locus covers small presses, too

This may be common knowledge, but since I only follow Locus Magazine through Bloglines, I may not read carefully enough. I noticed in the 16 new feeds I had from Locus this morning that Locus covers the Small SFF presses as well as the large. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised as Locus is a leading SFF magazine and there is some seriously good work coming off the small presses...but it did surprise me.

What really helped prove to me how much Locus is keeping on top of things...they had a mention of Prime Codex, the debut book from Paper Golem (of which I have a copy for a forthcoming review).

This month's Small Press news also highlights Softspoken, by Lucius Shepard, which I have at home from the library and eagerly anticipate reading, and Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand.

I also see mention of several small publishers I had never heard of but now wish to find out more about: iUniverse (wow! Apparently this is a print on demand self publisher but it still got mentioned on Locus...), Sam's Dot (they seem to specialize in magazines, but I see several novels listed on Locus), Raw Dog Screaming Press, Haffner Press, Hippocampus Press (seems to specialize in horror type fiction), Avari Press (fantasy), A Midsummer Night's Press (genre poetry).

After going through all of these I'm rather impressed that there are quite a few small presses out there which I have never heard of. Good on them.

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