Monday, March 06, 2006

Gone Elsewhere

Now this is interesting. Several forum members from the Hollywood Elsewhere message board have split off from the website and formed their own shared blog to post about movie related stuff and whatever else comes across the collective Overmind. Why is this interesting? Well, these individuals are pretty much the entire forum content. I posted some early on but kind of died off (mostly) as my workload increased and my employers strengthened their IT policy. Shoot, my posting at RF declined quite a bit.

And this new blog seems to be giving a wider viewpoint than Jeff Wells ever did (and while I've been reading Wells for 7 years or so now, his Red State vs Blue State rants are tiresome).

As much as one gets excited for a blog, I'm excited for this one. Should be interesting.

What is it called? Gone Elsewhere. Note the play on the H.E. title (or should that have gone without saying?)

The only question is: Should I ask if I might be allowed to come in and play in their sandbox? I don't always keep this one up as much as I perhaps would like to, and to really contribute to Gone Elsewhere I would either have to figure out how to post via e-mail or write up the blog posts at work and e-mail them here where I can take a momemt to post in the evening. That's really what I need to figure out: can I give the blog as much time and content as it deserves.


Nick said...

I can say that personally I'd love to have you aboard. Your movie reviews at least, if nothing else.

Besides, it's fittin', innit? This a READING life, right?

Count Olaf said...