Thursday, March 09, 2006

title changes

It appears as if the title of the new Terry Brooks novel has changed again.  It started out as Gypsy Morph and changed to the rather wretched title Born of Wild Magic.  Apparently it is now Armageddon’s Children.  That’s a much better title. 


This is the Pre-Shannara novel that Brooks has been planning for a while and it ties the Word and the Void trilogy to Shannara.  I’m quite interested in this one.  I have read the first Word/Void novel and thought it was one of the best novels Brooks has written, I have the second W/V novel at home from the library (as part of my library overload) and will read the third after.  I’ve been a long time fan of his Shannara series.  So, this is good. 


The title sounds more like a W/V novel than Shannara, and that’s a good thing.  Based on Terry’s publishing schedule, we should expect to see it around September. 

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