Wednesday, March 08, 2006

liking that Michael Moorcock

So I'm working my way through Michael Moorcock's The Nomad of Time. I know, on the right it says A Nomad of the Time Streams, but this is the earlier omnibus edition from the mid 80's. Time Streams contains the same novels, just collected later by White Wolf Press. Suppodedly there are some minor edits.

Anyway, we have another Eternal Champion collection, this one taking a Oswald Bastable from our 1902 and ending up with some time travel and alternate Earths where certain changes change everything about the future history...except that in some cases the same scientific discoveries occur. I'm midway through the second volume and this may be my favorite of the first four omnibuses (a John Dakar, Von Bek, and Hawkmoon were the other three).

Good stuff, that Moorcock.

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