Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dr. Who?

I’ve known about this for a little while now, but the Sci-Fi Channel is starting up a Dr. Who series on Friday nights.  I think it is on Fridays.  Doesn’t matter.  They have done very well with Battlestar Galactica (and have I mentioned how much I like that show?), but am I interested enough that I care what happens?


I’m not sure I am.  I don’t know squat about Dr. Who, but I didn’t know anything about Galactica.  Something about time travel and saving the world.  Yadda yadda yadda. 


If the show turns out to be something special I would hate to have missed it, but, ugh, it’s another time investment.  And my library is just kicking out the entire first season (plus mini) of Galactica to me this week. 


Dr. Who is probably a skip, but if anyone sees it and thinks Dr. Who is the jelly missing from my peanut butter, let me know.  I could always use some more jelly. 

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