Friday, March 10, 2006


Now that is some heavy science fiction!  I started reading Peter F. Hamilton's The Reality Dysfunction: Emergence last night.  I was able to knock through 40 pages, so that's a decent accomplishment.  I don't read much science fiction but I have heard that this is a masterwork trilogy (or six books since each book has also been split depending on the edition).  I don't know that this is heavier than usual sci-fi, but it's pretty thick.  I only understood about 60% of what Hamilton was laying down, but I understood the plotting.  So that's good.  I understand the characters and the story, but if I focused on the science details too much my head would likely collapse in on itself before exploding outwards. 


What I’ve gleaned so far is that there was this...pirate or rebel ship transporting some sort of anti-matter weapon on a mission to destroy the sun of some other group’s home world, but they were attacked by voidhawk ships and blackhawks.  Changing gravity fields is a very bad thing.  And this other group, after leaving the transport ship 7 light years from any other colonized planet and with no hyperdrive (or whatever Hamilton is calling it), they are essentially stranded.  Meanwhile this other group has destroyed and sterilized the homeworld of the transport ship.  Then we find out that these voidhawk ships are actually sentient in a strange sort of way and that their pilots are born inside the ship to provide the link between pilot and ship.  There might have been one more thing, but that pretty well covers the first forty pages. 


In other news I think I figured out the font issue I had going on in my last two posts.  Since I have lost the ability to actually post at work I set up Blogger to post via e-mail.  But apparently Blogger will post in whatever font I write the e-mail in, so I had to find out what font Blogger posts normally in, and change the e-mail font.  So, my blog is Verdana 9.5 sized font.  This e-mail is in 10pt, so we’ll see if there is a significant difference. 

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