Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chicken Little

Chicken Little is a cute movie for the little kids. We know the back story. Chicken Little cries that the sky is falling, the sky is falling and it turns out that the sky wasn't actually falling. So what happened after the story ended? Well, what if I told you that the sky really was falling? Chicken Little was just not able to prove to the town that the sky did fall, they all thought it was an acorn that fell onto his head. The movie is about everything that comes after, with a baseball game, silly friends, a falling sky, aliens, and redemption, of course.

Like I said, this is a cute movie for the little kids. The target audience will love this. The animation is cute and quite pretty, and there is plenty of silly fun. My wife called me midway through the movie and asked what I thought. My response was that it was "cute, but I really don't care at all." There isn't much of a storyline to speak of and that won't matter to the little ones. Unfortunately this isn't a movie that will appeal to all ages, but it is perfectly safe for the kids. As the kids are the target audience, it was a well done job by Disney. It wasn't a good enough job to rank with the classic Disney films, but it is also far better than something like Kronk's New Groove.

God...I feel bored just writing this. If I didn't owe Buena Vista Home Entertainment an review in exchange for accepting the DVD I would have quit after 35 minutes...tops. Let your little sister watch the movie, but read a book instead.

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