Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Library Overload

Dare I say that I actually have library overload right now? I put
several books on reserve via interlibrary loan. Normally this means
that there may be a delay of a couple of months before they arrive and
there will be time between each book. No problem. So, I had a few
books out from the library (Hyperion among them). Then, a book that I
had on reserve came in (Viriconium). The library just purchased the
book and there is no telling when the new books will be available. Then
one interlibrary loan came in (The Nomad of Time, by Michael Moorcock).
Okay. That's no problem. Then the other two came in (The Reality
Dysfunction: Emergence and Claw of the Concilator). Now I was given a
fairly generous due date for the Moorcock book. The Dan Simmons and M.
John Harrison are able to be renewed. I'll be picking up the Peter
Hamilton and the Gene Wolfe this afternoon. The Moorcock reads easily,
I'm a good third of the way through that. The first book in Gene
Wolfe's New Sun series was a moderately quick read, but I think The
Reality Dysfunction will be much slower. Hopefully I'll have a good due
date for that one as well.

Oh! And I checked my account online this morning and along with a DVD
of Serenity, also comes the book of essays about Joss Whedon's Firefly
series called Finding Serenity. And this one has just enough people
reserving it that I won't be able to renew it and will need to read it
before the due date.

It's not a bad problem, but it's just a lot all at once. This explains
why I have "suspended" a couple of holds I have: namely Memories of Ice,
1776, and the Best American Nonrequired Reading 2005. A suspended hold
is like putting a hold on the hold. I'll still move up the hold queue,
but I won't have the book shipped to my library until I remove the

And I see that Junebug is in transit as another DVD.

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