Wednesday, March 15, 2006

220 pages of reality

Had a good reading night last night with some Reality Dysfunction.  I was able to knock off another hundred pages or so and some things are becoming to crystallize.  That and I read the back cover of the book.  There is this young man who has been scavenging the thousands year old wreckage of a destroyed civilization.  He has been quite successful and has now found enough to earn him the five million dollars he needed to rebuild his father’s ship.  One of the artifacts he found is something with a lot of data, perhaps the largest information haul in history for the Laymil. 


This young man, and I already can’t remember his name, meets a young woman who is the hereditary ruler of Tranquility (I’d need several paragraphs to explain this one) and she and her company/nation/planet is the organization which purchased the artifact for scientific research.  She feels this is the most important thing that she can do and it furthers the vision of a grandfather who founded/created Tranquility.  It is her opinion that the Laymil were either destroyed or committed suicide as a race and that the reason for this has to be some external threat.  As the Laymil are not native to the region, Ione reasons that this great threat came from somewhere else in the universe and that it must still be out there.  And if it is still out there and that humanity is nearly as technologically advanced as the Laymil were, this threat may well be a treat to humanity. 


And that is what I think is really going on with this novel/trilogy. But I don’t know how anything connects or how that threat will be physically introduced or if I’m correct. 

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