Monday, March 13, 2006

the second half of season two

Wow. I finished off the second half of Battlestar Galactica: Season 2. It was clear that once they went in the direction of the election that Baltar had to win. It wouldn't make sense and the show was stagnate if President Roslin won. And that meant that Baltar would make a huge mistake in colonizing New Caprica. And I knew that meant the Cylons would find the fleet...

But I didn't expect Galactica and Pegasus to jump. They had to, it makes sense, but wow. Roslin, Starbuck, the lead mechanic, the baby, Tigh, are all planetside when the Cylons landed and Baltar surrended. It may have been the only decision he could make, though the whole thing was his fault...but he's a pretty miserable excuse for a human.

I like what Starbuck said at the end "We do what we always do. Fight until we can't." Damn right.

I am already looking forward to Season Three. I just have to wait until October. *sigh* Too long.

Hopefully the library will send me Season 1 (including the mini) and Season 2.0 so I can catch up with my new favorite series.

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