Sunday, March 12, 2006

April 18?

What? I have to wait until April 18 to get a new episode of Commander in Chief? Are you kidding me? This is a show that was doing quite well in its debut season and now we have a months long break midseason? What is this? Fox?


Amanda said...

Haven't you learned this yet?? Fox sucks big stinky monkey butt. They've been moving around House and Bones all season as well. Way to *not* support your newer shows. I sent them a nasty email. The only thing that matters in their universe is American Idol. Anything else that can reasonable be called good t.v., isn't apparently good enough for them to care about. ...Or maybe it's the audience they hate??!!

Nick said...

I watch Prison Break, myself. The last episode seen from Prison Break was shown in NOVEMBER. And still no new ones. That was a midseason break, as well. So guess how I'm feeling for Fox.

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