Tuesday, March 07, 2006

24: S2

Attention: Spoilers for a major event in Season 2 of 24. You have been

I know this is years after 24 was actually airing season 2 in first run
episodes, but I'm only just now catching up. But am I the only one who
hoped that the nuclear bomb actually went off in Los Angeles rather than
in the desert? I'm sick. I understand. But exploding the nuke in a
major population center would have been a fascinating story point.
Maybe it's one better suited for a novel or a feature length movie (one
thing that Tom Clancy did very well in The Sum of All Fears was having
the bomb go off in Denver. Oof!). As it stands with a small handful of
episodes left for me to watch in the season, the new crisis is to avert
a war that may be caused by the bomb going off on American soil. Very
good show, nice twists (bombing of CTU? Inspired), but freak that I
am...I kind of wanted some wanton destruction. Maybe that's why I like
to watch really bad disaster movies. Wanton destruction.

Speaking of Tom Clancy, anyone know when he's going to write the next
Jack Ryan novel? I know, before Red Rabbit he said there were two more
Ryanverse novels: Red Rabbit, and The Teeth of the Tiger. So, he's
done. Right? I don't know. The Teeth of the Tiger seemed to pretty
well set up Clancy taking the series in a new direction with Jack Ryan,
Jr as the major player. It could end up regurgitating the early Ryan
novels, but when Clancy was on...he was writing some interesting novels.
When he wasn't...bad stuff. At the very least the man should have
another Rainbow novel left in him. If Clancy doesn't draw out the
political background stuff (like what was up with that Mountain Men
scenario in Executive Orders...or was it The Bear and the Dragon? That
was a waste of 200 pages), he is certainly able to write a fast paced
Rainbow novel.

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Count Olaf said...

Joe... You need to catch up! 24 is in the middle of an EXCELLENT season 5 right now.
Season 2 is often thought of as the worst season overall, but a bad season of 24 is still better than anything else on TV.
S3 turns things inside out. S4 starts out unfamiliar but keeps getting awesomer (i know..not a word). S5...ooh man is it good.