Friday, March 31, 2006

bad show!

Sandy and I watched an episode of unan1mous last night.  I think it was the second episode.  This is a New Fox Reality Show and this should tell you everything you need to know.  Honestly, the concept isn’t bad.  They take 9 people who don’t know what they are getting in for and lock them in a “bunker”.  They need to unanimously vote for one person to win 1.5 million dollars or they have to stay.  If someone leaves the prize money is split in half.  The rule is that you cannot vote for yourself, but everyone else would have to vote for you to win the money. 


Well, after the first vote (on the first episode) it wasn’t unanimous (shocking!) and three secrets were revealed and they all had to vote on a secret to eliminate a person from having the chance to win the money. 


This show is just needlessly complicated and it feels forces and a little scripted.  Sandy thinks one of the guys is an actor (and a bad one, at that).  There is just needless drama being tossed.  The new deal on this second episode is that every second a decision isn’t made a dollar will be subtracted from the total and it works like a countdown clock...except that it is money. 


Aaaand I’ve just lost all interest in writing about the show.  The bottom line is that the show is really dumb.  It’s an interesting concept, but the producers are trying to do way too much with it. 




Chris said...

As the line between game show and reality show grows ever dimmer, it seems that game shows are pretty much extinct.

I avoid the genre as much as I can, but I have been really getting into FX's 30 Days and Black.White.

Amanda said...

As you and I both know, Fox should quit creating new lame shows, and start focusing on keeping up the episodes of the actually good ones. Grr.