Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hugo Nomination Period Open

A review of The Living Dead was supposed to post here, but I just don't have it ready yet.

So, instead, let us talk Hugos.

The nomination period for the 2010 Hugo Awards is now open.

Nominating ballots must be received by March 13.

But, if you want to be able to nominate, you have to have registered by January 31. To nominate, you have to be an attending or supporting member of this year's Worldcon in Australia, or have been an attending member of last year's Worldcon.

Now, since I will be unable to make it to Melbourne this year, I intend (in the next week) to purchase a Supporting Membership to this year's Worldcon. That'll run me $50.

This will allow me to nominate works for the Hugo, and then to vote.

Is it worth $50?

Yeah, I think it is.

Here's how I see it: It's going to be fun to be part of the conversation of the Hugo Awards, to nominate my favorite works published last year, and then to read all of the nominees knowing that my vote will matter.


Hell, I enjoy reading the nominees and writing about them anyway, and I think this is a great way to expand that fun. Is it worth $50?

Well, I wish there was a Nominating / Voting membership for $25, but $50 isn't unreasonable for the amount of enjoyment I expect to get out of this.

I'm going to spend some time thinking about what I want to nominate, come up with a solid list of five for each category.

Cause, you know, it doesn't take many nominations to get something on the final ballot.


Greyweather said...

I'm glad you decided to post about this. I had been thinking about getting a Supporting Membership myself but had pretty much decided against it because I thought I had to submit my nominations by the end of the month, which didn't give me enough time to read a group of books I wanted to seriously consider. Six more weeks makes a big difference to me.

Joe said...

Looks like if you get your membership in by the end of the month (and be careful, because I think the date and time from the website is Australian time), you should be good to go.