Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Campbell eligibility?

Does anyone know where I can find a list of writers eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer?

Writertopia, the usual referent
, has not updated their page from last year. Kinda bummed about that, it was a great resource. So, while I can consider writers who were on their first year of eligibility last year, I really I don't know who I should be considering.

Any other resources out there? Or recommendations of folks eligible for the Campbell this year I should think about?

See, this is tough because if you didn't know Ken Scholes had published qualifying short fiction in the mid 2000's, you'd think he was eligible from Lamentation and Canticle this year. I'm 90% certain that he is not. It's that story in the past that you don't know about or think about (see Pat Rothfuss not being eligible a couple years back after The Name of the Wind was published)

I think Peter Brett is. Based on the Writertopia page from last year, I know that J. M. McDermott and Ann Aguirre are.

What's a brother to do?

Hit me up, folks.


Ken said...

100% not eligible for exactly that -- qualifying short fiction sales that started my Campbell Clock in 2005.

Thanks for reviewing Canticle!

Joe said...

I thought that be the case.

And no prob, I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring us in Antiphon.

Bill said...

Here's a big apology for not keeping the Campbell page up to date. I've been moving cross-country and started a cool, new research position (Janelia Farm!) this week. Writertopia is in the middle of a software change -- that's why simple fixes aren't enough. I'll dedicate a chunk of time this weekend and either finish the changes or rollback so we can get the Campbell eligibility links and profiles updated.

I'm also trying to get more info on eligible first years, so if you know eligible authors, send me their name and e-mail.

Sorry again for the delay and thanks everyone for your patience.

Greyweather said...

Just glad to hear you're not out of the game Bill.

Congrats on the new job.

Joe said...

Oh, outstanding, sir!

No problem on the delay. I had thought that the Campbell page was just one of those internet things that had run its course and was defunct, so I'm thrilled to hear that's not the case.

Also, congrats on the job.