Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scenting the Dark now available for pre-order

Now, I don't think I engage in a whole lot of blatant pimpery and promotion 'round here, though I certainly might be wrong about this - but there are certain writers for whom I will.

Mary Robinette Kowal
's first collection of stories, Scenting the Dark and Other Stories, is now available for preorder at Subterranean Press.

The announcement from SubPress (with art)

Read Mary's annoucement here.

Only 500 copies. Perhaps you'd like to pre-order. Hmm?

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Andy Wolverton said...

I actually did pre-order, based on recommendations from those whose opinions I respect (including you, of course!). I've never read one syllable of Kowal's work, but from all I've heard, I'm sure I won't be disappointed.