Saturday, February 21, 2009

nothing about "The Blue Shift"

I've been reading through Spicy Slipstream Stories with the intent to post about each story as I come to it.

After reading Joe Murphy's "The Blue Shift" I found myself without anything of any substance to stay about it.

I was completely baffled by the story, something about a detective showing up at the scenes of crimes and seeing people as a woman wearing a blue shift, and then they switch back to being the people they are supposed to be. The entirety of this story was a big ol' "huh?" to me.

If I didn't think I would have run into something worth saying about the story, beyond whatever it is that I'm writing now, I would have quit on the story and moved on to the next. I persevered, but the story wasn't worth it.

I really wish I had something better to say about the story. Not necessarily more positive, but something that could analyze or explain what I found so dissatisfying.

All I've got is that I was confused from start to finish. Is that enough?

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