Sunday, February 01, 2009

January 2009: Short Stories Read

1. “Keep Calm and Carillon”, by Genevieve Valentine (Farrago’s Wainscot, Issue 9, Jan 2009)
2. “Tanglefoot (A Story of the Clockwork Century)”, by Cherie Priest (Subterranean, Fall 2008)
3. “America, Such as She Is”, by Jay Lake (Alembical, 2008)
4. “13 Miles to Paradise!”, by Bruce Taylor (Alembical, 2008)
5. “Harvest”, by James Van Pelt (Alembical, 2008)
6. “Errata”, by Jeff VanderMeer (, Jan 2009)
7. “Now You See Us”, by Ray Vukcevich (Alembical, 2008)

The four links to the Alembical stories are to my reviews, the other three links are to the actual stories. I should probably be more consistent with that, huh?

The two stories worth paying extra attention to are Cherie Priest's "Tanglefoot" and Jay Lake's "America, Such as She Is". I tend to like Cherie's novel length work, and "Tanglefoot" is shares a setting with her forthcoming Boneshaker. "Tanglefoot" both whets the appetite for more, and satisfies as a story.

I've previously written about "America, Such as She Is" (see link above), and what I said then stands. This is a damn fine story and will hopefully be recognized later this year for major awards.

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