Monday, January 21, 2008

Shadow Unit Goodness

Everyone reading Shadow Unit? Until the official "episodes" start in mid-February we have been given 5 teasers so far and three easter eggs (that I'm aware of). Think of Shadow Unit as the new tv show that won't be strike shortened, the one with a secret FBI Unit investigating "anomalous" crimes.

I rather like the Paine Lake teaser.

Teaser 1 (Intro)
Teaser 2 (Paine Lake)
Teaser 3 (Hafidha)
Teaser 4 (Madeline Frost)

Teaser 5 is currently on the front page of Shadow Unit and will be until this Thursday night (new updates on Thursday and Sunday PM)

Hidden on the pages are Easter Eggs, like DVD bonus content. I've found three so far.

Easter Egg 1
Easter Egg 2
Easter Egg 3

The creators of Shadow Unit (Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly) have also created livejournals for various characters. I'm aware of three right now. There is no fourth wall, the LJ's are written from the perspective of the characters and, in general, they are like your average person's LJ with the occasional tidbit thrown in that I let people at the Message Board dissect.

Daphne Worth
Charles Villette
Hafidha Gates

The kicker of the LJ's is that they'll link to real people and non-Shadow Unit LJ's. Like I said, no fourth wall. The characters aren't characters here, they're people too.

Shadow Unit can be, potentially, a fully immerse environment and I'm very excited about it. I am most looking forward to the actual episodes (first one written by Emma Bull, second by Elizabeth Bear) when we get deeper into the stories and content and not just the interesting, but short and incomplete teasers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that - I've been so frustrated by my inability to even know how to look for the easter eggs or find the LJs.


Blue Tyson said...

Yeah, nice work.