Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shelving Jo Walton

I check my library system’s website almost daily to see about updates on forthcoming books being entered into the system. I want to get that early reserve on the new (insert author’s name here) book. The 1/10 update has Jo Walton’s Ha’Penny listed as General Fiction rather than SFF.

Let’s see, I picked up Farthing in the SFF section of my bookstore, Walton has been published by TOR, she has won the Campbell for Best New Writer (2002), and Ha’Penny is a follow up to Farthing.

My guess is that because Ha’Penny is listed as being published by St. Martin’s Press, it automatically got shelved in General Fiction. But then it isn’t like Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America was shelved in SFF either. Or George Orwell, or Huxley, or...

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