Monday, January 21, 2008

William Shunn's Nebula Story: Not of this Fold

John Klima, editor / publisher of Electric Velocipede and of William Shunn’s chapbook has posted the Nebula nominated story “Not of this Fold”. (Note - PDF, *grumble*)

Again, may I state my appreciation for publishers who allow stories nominated for major awards to be freely available? I can’t think of better publicity for the magazines / zines / authors than getting the chance to read the major award nominated stories.

This also reminds me that I want to place an order for this chapbook in the near future.


John Klima said...

Joe, first, thanks! Second, why the grumble over the PDF? I'll admit that I make a PDF since I can export it quickly and easily from InDesign, but I could make a htm page, too.

John Klima

Joe said...

Hi John,

It's personal preference. When I read stories online I tend to copy them to my computer, read them as a Word doc, then delete when I'm done.

I can't do that with a PDF. Granted, PDFs are prettier and they work great in the print industry, but Htm is easier for me. Because I'm a dinosaur.

No prob, though. I'll read the Shunn in its current format and fully expect to enjoy it.

John Klima said...

No problem. Just curious. I also use the PDF when I intend the piece to only be available for a short period of time (i.e., until the piece is no longer on the ballot).


Unknown said...

Thanks for the link, Joe! I have to point out, though, that "Not of This Fold" is not a Nebula nominee. What's out there now is the preliminary ballot, which will be winnowed down to five nominees by a round of voting next month.

Joe said...

Mr. Shunn: I keep forgetting that this is only the long list and not the short / final list.

I was surprised and delighted by "Not of this Fold". I hope it makes the final ballot.