Wednesday, January 02, 2008

John Scalzi in 2008

John Scalzi, Fun-to-Read-SF-Auteur-Something-or-Another, has posted a list of what he has coming out in 2008 as well as what he is working on in 2008. The highlights:

Coming Out
Zoe’s Tale: August 2008
The Rough Guide to the Universe, Second Edition: Springish.
Old Man’s War Short Story: Somewhen

Working On:
Two novels (including the sequel to The Android’s Dream), and two novellas

Busy man. Can’t wait to read all this. I am especially interested in the novellas, just because they would be something entirely new (one would even be a fantasy story). My hope is that they would be actual stories with a narrative arc and not pieces like "Alien Animal Encounters" which as fun as it was, does not do much with characters or narrative.

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