Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Dance with Dragons update and sample chapter

George R. R. Martin has posted a new sample chapter from A Dance with Dragons. Previously he had been rotating a Tyrion and Daenerys chapter. Now we have a Jon Snow POV chapter to enjoy. Unlike many others I have been avoiding the sample chapters because I want to get the full reading experience when I can get the book in my grubby little hands, but that's just me.

Martin has also posted a status update for the book, probably the last one until the book is finished. Martin mentions that there is a new POV character. A character which has never had a POV chapter and was featured in the first set of Ice and Fire miniatures.

Does anyone know if there was a miniature made of Hodor? That’s all I’m sayin.

The real news is that Martin believes a Fall 2008 publication is realistic pending completion / delivery by Summer 2008.

He then closes with a suggestion to check out Hunter’s Run and Inside Straight. Already in my plans, even though I’m only on Jokers Wild (Wild Cards Book 3). I want to check out the new one before 2012 (by which time there may be another dozen new WC books out, for all I know), and Hunter’s Run is a planned read. As is Dreamsongs: Volume 2, The Armageddon Rag, and Windhaven.

What else ya got?


Chris Billett said...

Found your blog after googline A Dance With Dragons readings (trying to find one I heard GRRM read last year) - very interested to see you're reading Stover! What did you think of that?!?


Joe said...

Hi Chris, welcome.

I'm only 200 pages into Blade of Tyshalle, but I loved Heroes Die and this is just as impressive, though so far quite different.

Stover's work is excellent.