Friday, January 18, 2008

Need a Break from the King

From December 2006 through January 2008 I have read 17 books written by Stephen King. I think I need a break. I am reading (and will finish) Firestarter and I haven’t quite figured out if I am simply burnt out on King or if Firestarter just isn’t any good. I am leaning towards Firestarter not being very good, but these little King tics of aside comments in parenthesis and King hitting dialect of how people talk complete with stupid little phrasing – the tics are pulling me out of the story.

I originally planned to reserve Danse Macabre and Cujo as soon as I finished Firestarter so that I’ll have finished all of King’s work published before The Gunslinger. I want to read each volume of The Dark Tower having read everything that came before so I can better appreciate how King works his worlds into Dark Tower.

I just need a break. The novels are style is starting to run together. Hopefully this is just because some of the more recent reads of mine like Firestarter, Blaze, and The Colorado Kid just aren’t that good and not that I really am wearing out on King. We’ll see.


Jen said...

this happened to me too. i read way too many books by king in a row and i just got bored. but i took a couple of months break and continued, it was great.

looking forward to your opinions about the dark tower :)

Anonymous said...

"Firestarter" isn't that good. It's mostly a rip off of John Farris's much better book, "The Fury".

Joe said...

That's good to know, because I am disappointed with Firestarter, too.