Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Joe Abercrombie cracks my shit up. His railing against anything short of perfection in reviews of his work have been damn near classic (uh oh!) and this latest mini tirade is even better.

As I have not had the chance to read The Blade Itself, I have not yet felt the ire of Abercrombie. However, I have called his railings only damn near classic, so one can hope.

If he writes fiction anything like he blogs, I am sure to LOVE it.

Interesting note: Patrick Rothfuss was thought to be the big name on the ballot for the Campbell award at this year’s Worldcon. Abercrombie spills the beans that Rothfuss’s earlier short fiction publication has made him ineligible for Best New Writer. Innnnteresting.


Anonymous said...

You should read The Blade Itself. I thought it was pretty good.

Joe said...

I plan to, whenever I can find a copy through my library. Unless I just buy it. Who knows. :) But I would love to read it!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Rothfuss had prior shot fiction creds, my understanding so far is that this was his first sale ever. huh, learn something every day.

~David de Beer

Joe said...

Neither did I. According to his website Rothfuss took 1st place in a 2002 Writers of the Future contest. No mention about any other short work.

In this interview Patrick says he's "never done short stories".

David Louis Edelman also mentions the possible ineligibility and provides another link here.

Sounds like winning Writers of the Future in 2002 has let Rothfuss's eligibility expire.

True or not, I don't know. This page, originally linked by Edelman doesn't list Rothfuss.