Wednesday, October 10, 2007

September 2007 Reading

1. Sky Coyote - Kage Baker
2. The Ocean and All Its Devices - William Browning Spencer
3. March - Geraldine Brooks
4. Blood and Iron - Elizabeth Bear
5. Currency of Souls - Kealan Patrick Burke
6. The Man from the Diogenes Club - Kim Newman
7. Wild Cards: Aces High - George R. R. Martin (editor)
8. Candy Girl - Diablo Cody
9. Stories of Your Life and Others - Ted Chiang
10. D*U*C*K - Poppy Z. Brite
11. Rainbows End - Vernor Vinge
12. Come Closer - Sara Gran
13. Bleak Seasons - Glen Cook
14. The Dry Salvages - Caitlin R. Kiernan
15. Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream - Aaron Allston
16. The Big Blow - Joe R. Lansdale
17. The Hides - Kealan Patrick Burke
18. Fast Forward 1 - Lou Anders (editor)
19. Bright of the Sky - Kay Kenyon

Book of the Month: Blood and Iron
Disappointment of the Month: Bleak Seasons
Discovery of the Month: Blood and Iron (so much better than I could have anticipated)
Pleasant Surprise of the Month: Stories of Your Life and Others (Ted Chiang really is that good)
Joe Lansdale of the Month - The Big Blow

2007 Months in Review


Anonymous said...

Dang, you read even more than I do.

I just came over here from a link on David Anthony Durham's blog (and then read back a few entries).

Joe said...

It's true. I'm a big fat nerd. Except for the big and fat part. :)