Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Plague of Doves

According to my Local Library Louise Erdrich has a new novel coming out in May 2008 called The Plague of Doves. Neither Erdrich's website nor her bookstore's website (Birchbark Books in Minneapolis) mentions the forthcoming novel. Neither does the Birchbark Blog. Other than random searches, I'm not sure how I am to find advance information regarding my favorite author.

A quick google search finds an Erdrich short story of the same title published in The New Yorker in June 2004.

The story was collected in the 2006 O. Henry Prize Stories.

This is the first I have heard of the story. I’ll read it shortly.


Heid E. Erdrich said...

oooh, i am reading the manuscript and will post on Goodreads when I am done. Not sure why there is so little pre-pub...Will get it on the blog and bookstore asap

Joe said...

I'm sufficiently jealous. I don't suppose you can share how it compares with Louise's previous novels. :)