Friday, October 12, 2007

Far Territories

The news is a couple of days old, but Subterranean Press is launching a trade paperback imprint sometime next year called Far Territories.

The first two titles:
Rite, by Tad Williams (a collection of his short fiction)
New Amsterdam, by Elizabeth Bear

1) Very Good News. Subterranean Press publishes excellent limited edition work and having some of that work available at a cheaper price is a great thing. For me.

2) Obviously Subterranean will only republish the best selling volumes because they wish to continue to make money, but I wonder how much of their catalog they will republish in trade paper. Does this include John Scalzi’s The Sagan Diary, or only longer works and collections? Will there be trade paper only publications and not the limited edition hardcovers?

3) Note on the announcement page that I linked that Rite will only include the fiction from the limited edition. The nonfiction and the screenplays will not be included. Thus preserving the specialness of the limited editions, but potentially frustrating for fans.

This could be a pretty good deal, I think, and the price is good:
Each of the Far Territories titles are just $14.95, with Free Shipping on US Preorders.
Being a big fan of much of what is published by Subterranean and having discovered quite a few writers via Subterranean Press, this sounds like good news to me and there is a good chance I might pick up some of the Far Territories. Possibly New Amsterdam because, well, Elizabeth Bear kicks ass.

And...just as I was getting ready to post this entry (written over lunch break today), I discover via the Bloglines reader that the logo was designed by the multi-talented Mary Robinette Kowal. Kowal says:

See that logo?

I made that.

Pretty cool, that.

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