Sunday, October 21, 2007

Purchased: Rainlight

Browsing through a local Borders Books with my wife last night we were on the lookout for something to pick up, purchase, and read for a while in their little coffee shop. I checked the magazines, saw an Asimov's and would have purchased that one (it's the December issue with Connie Willis), but I'm not sure if that will be the first issue of my subscription or not. Speaking of, has Asimov's always been digest size? I guess I thought it would be bigger... I also saw a Realms of Fantasy, but that kind of bored me. Had they had Fantasy and Science Fiction, definitely would have picked it up.

So I went to the fiction. Almost picked up Shriek: An Afterword, The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, or The Almost Moon. Had I passed a copy of Ann Patchett's Run, I probably would have grabbed that, but I didn't.

Briefly considered Whiskey and Water (you've got to read Blood and Iron).

Picked up Rainlight, by Alison McGhee. One of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. I really wanted that book on my bookshelf at home, and now I am glad it is.


Andy Wolverton said...

Congrats on the good finds. Have you read the Elizabeth Bear short story collection?

Joe said...

Not yet. I want to read Whiskey and Water, and the trilogy starting with Hammered first in case there are any related stories in the collection.