Friday, October 19, 2007

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist interviews Katherine Kurtz!

Oh, excitement! Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has an interview up with Katherine Kurtz! I have loved her Deryni saga for years, it was some of the earliest fantasy I read and I loved how she mixed the Christian faith and the Catholic traditions with fantasy and magic. It was the novel set earliest in the chronology which really connected with me, specifically The Camber Trilogy beginning with Camber of Culdi and that second trilogy with Cinhil's children, again, specifically King Javan's Year.

At the back of each of those novels there is a chronology for the Haldanes and the MacRories and the mysterious year of 948 was listed as the death year for so many major characters: Joram MacRorie, Tieg, and a bunch of others who I'll remember if I crack open a Deryni novel.

Which is what makes this response by Kurtz so awesome (I had previously heard about this, but I like confirmation):
but when I finish that-which may or may not actually bring us up to right before the beginning of Deryni Rising-I will probably do the book that covers the events of 948, when so many of our favorite characters die. (Of course, some of them are pretty old by then, so that’s OK.) After that….maybe the story of Orin and Jodotha?
Oh, and the Orin and Jodotha thing...that's the other major interest of mine in Kurtz's work.

I think it is great that Pat scored the interview.

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