Sunday, October 28, 2007

Odd Jack, King of Monsters, by Claude Lalumiere

Claude Lalumiere'sOdd Jack, King of Monsters” has a fun reveal at the end, one which I certainly did not see coming, at least not until just before it happened. The story tells of an old man named Jack who is older than perhaps the world, though he isn’t a God. He befriends the monsters before the gods divided the world up and this short-short tells the story of the world and of Jack in short paragraphs that leads up to a fun ending.
Odd Jack, however, was not pleased with the gods. Suddenly, all of his friends were gone, and just because of a whim of some high-and-mighty, hoity-toity gods? Odd Jack wasn't going to accept that. So he went to see the gods, and he gave them a piece of his mind.
Well worth the read of fewer than 1000 words.

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