Tuesday, June 16, 2009

World's End

My review of World's End, the first volume in Mark Chadbourn's Age of Misrule trilogy, has been posted at the Sacramento Book Review.

Go check it out.

I'll be reviewing the second volume, Darkest Hour, for SBR. It's tentatively slated for the August issue. I'll start on it in a couple of weeks.


Sweet Book Delights said...

I love, love your site, dig the content, the page layout and you must have the biggest personal library too (kinda jealous about that too lol)
Gonna have to pop round to check your site on a regular basis and will promise to bring the other girls round too.
Big up and bless up,
Chilli x

Joe said...


I've got a decent but growing personal library, but an outstanding public library system that I can draw upon. That helps. :)

I've got some issues with the layout that I'm far too lazy to fix, but I'm glad you like it.

Sweet Book Delights said...

Ahh. That makes sense lol!
Cheers Joe still loving your work,
Chilli x