Friday, June 12, 2009

Strange Horizons reviews Regenesis

Strange Horizons posted a review of the new C. J. Cherryh novel Regenesis today. Regenesis is the sequel to 1988's Cyteen.

What confuses me here is that Nader Elhefnawy spends much more time writing about Cyteen rather than the purported subject of the review.

Given the nature of Regenesis (a direct sequel), I can see that you'd have to talk about Cyteen at the start of the review, but I was confused as to which novel Elhefnawy is reviewing. This review does get into some of the flaws of the novel and addresses some of the positives, but as a coherent's a bit of a mess.

I only point this out because I'm reading Cyteen right now and I'm thinking of picking up Regenesis and Elhefnawy only half talks about it.

Shrug. Only about half of my reviews are up to snuff, but I was disappointed in this one - and not so much because the reviewer didn't like the book.

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