Friday, June 12, 2009

Jonathan Strahan on the Eclipse series

Jonathan Strahan has suggested earlier this year that this year's offering of Eclipse Three would mark the end of the Eclipse series, that he was done with it.

I had hoped he would change his mind because Eclipse One was an outstanding anthology and I expect to pick up Eclipse Two as part of the Night Shade sale, and I've been very much looking forward to Eclipse Three.

In today's post over at his blog, Strahan writes about his thoughts on the future of the series and THIS TIME he is saying he might not be done with it, that he is starting to feel revitalized.

Oh, I hope so, sir.

There aren't a lot of unthemed anthologies of original fiction out there, but in my mind, Eclipse is one of the two best (the other being Fast Forward), and I think we're all well served to have the series continue.

With any luck Strahan and Night Shade will work something out and continue this excellent series.

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