Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wild Cards!!

Oh. My. God.

While the details are still in the bag for whatever is going to happen in the future for Wild Cards, George R. R. Martin has announced who some of the new writers joining the world are.

David D. Levine
Cherie Priest
Mary Anne Mohanraj
David Anthony Durham
Paul Cornell

I'm sure some will have different reactions to this, but Cherie Priest AND David Anthony Durham? My fanboy heart just skipped a beat.

I knew about Priest already, but Durham is news to me. Welcome news, if you couldn't tell.

Hoo, can't wait to see what they bring us next.

Which reminds me to get cracking. I've read the first four, have Down and Dirty at home, and I'm debating also jumping in on the new breed with Inside Straight (since I have a review copy of Busted Flush sitting on my shelf). I've heard that Inside Straight is a good point to enter the series because it doesn't require prior knowledge (though it doesn't hurt)


David Anthony Durham said...

Thanks, Joe,

You're kind. And I'm... excited! This has all the makings of fun, strange, even slightly nerve-racking ride.


Joe said...

I'm very, very curious to see what the future of Wild Cards is and what you and Cherie (and the others) bring to the table - what your character creations are...pretty much all of it.

So, congrats to you for getting into the club.

David Anthony Durham said...

Thank you. It feels nice to have been asked. That said, my inbox is already overflowing with Wild Cards related messages. It's going to be a very interesting process all this collaboration...