Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Memory of Light - and then there was three

Press Release

Brandon's Response.

An Interview with Harriet.

Joe Says: When I first read the rumors of A Memory of Light being split into three volumes I thought "bullshit, that'll never happen". I mean Mr. Jordan promised us one volume, no matter how large. Now, I fully understand that right now there are limits to the thickness of the volume, so I expected two. No biggie.

Reading through Bloglines yesterday morning I noticed a post about three volumes and I sighed.

But before I ever got to Brandon's response I came to acceptance. If it is being split into three volumes it is just that damn big. And I said, out loud, "okay".

Then I read Brandon's reasoned and measured explanation. I've actually moved beyond anything where I like the idea or don't like the idea of three volumes. I'm at the point where I understand why from a publishing perspective and trust the integrity of everyone involved and I think it's the right call.

And we're still getting some 800,000 words of fiction in the next two years.

It'll be good. It'll be worth the wait and worth the split.


Amanda said...

I can find no way to be sad about getting three more books...especially getting one for the next three years in a row. Woo hoo!
The only thing that makes me sad is that all three volumes might not have 'A Memory of Light' as the main title. I really love that title, and it was Jim's title. That part really bums me out.

Joe said...

I'm overall okay with it, I think.

I think that what's going to happen is that they'll read "A Memory of Light, Part One: The Gathering Storm", or something like that. I think.

It's gonna be very good, though.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I thought that was how Sanderson said he had wanted them to read, but the big booksellers had a tizzy over it, because it would be confusing in the system or whatever. So...yeah. I don't know. I'll cross my fingers though!=)