Tuesday, September 25, 2007

reading updates...sort of

A Handbook of American Prayer has to be the best thing Lucius Shepard has written, and that’s saying something. I’m only 70 pages in, but it’s knocking me out.

Midway through Bright of the Sky, and I’m impressed with Kenyon’s prose. There is a very literate feel to the novel, like Kenyon is painstakingly crafting the world of The Entire and the Rose and while the reading can be slow going at times, it really is an excellent, impressive novel. I don’t think it’ll rank as a favorite, but it’s quality.


Andy Wolverton said...

I'm glad to see you talking about Handbook. It seems it's one of the least commented-upon of Shepard's works. Looking forward to your full report.

I remember hearing Kay Kenyon on a WFC panel in 2004, saying that she'd never written a series and was somewhat apprehensive about the idea. Sounds like she overcame her apprehension. Looking forward to this one, too.

Joe said...

Handbook is the least SF of his major work (or, not at all SF), so that's probably why we don't see too much discussion on it. Just my guess.