Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Antediluvian Tales

From the Publisher's listing for Antediluvian Tales:
Any reader who loves New Orleans will treasure these antediluvian tales for the city that exists in them: a city that will never again exist in its pre-Katrina form, but which cannot be killed by hurricanes, floods, or governmental neglect as long as its artists continue to chronicle and cherish it.

I am not too familiar with the work of Poppy Z. Brite, but being published by Subterranean this is something I want to check out. The cover art is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully my library will get a copy of Antediluvian Tales when it is published.


WendyD said...

I'm definitely interested in that one. A friend of mine has met that author with her NOLA connections. I have yet to read any of her books, but I'd like to add it to my obscenely large "to read" pile.

Anonymous said...

Gah! Her horror fiction is sub-par Anne Rice wittering. I'm a goth, so if if anyone should like it it's me, and I can't bloody stand it.

Joe said...

Wendy: I thought you'd be interested in this one. I believe most of Brite's work takes place in the NOLA area.

Goth: Sub Par Anne Rice at her peak or Sub Par Anne Rice writing Memnoch the Devil or worse, Christ the Lord?

Anonymous said...


I gave up on Anne Rice after trying to wade through the novels that span-off from the Interview series - I think I did own Memnoch but gave all her stuff away when I moved from the UK to Ireland. As for Poppy, well, your mileage may vary regarding her horror stuff, and she may have got better, but somehow I don't think so. I think the last one I attempted was "Exquisite Corpse", or possibly her Crow novelisation back in 1998.
BTW was impressed with the Hugo winner - many thanks for the link to the online version.

Greg, Dublin

Joe said...

Anytime. I'm most of the way through Rainbow's End myself. It's good, but not something I'd get excited about for an award.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a librarian, so I was interested by the whole Librarian Militant thing :)