Saturday, September 01, 2007

2007 Hugo Award Winners

Courtesy of Science Fiction Awards Watch:

The Awards That I Really Care About:
List of Nominees.

My (brief) thoughts on the Novel and Campbell nominees. Worth noting that I've still only read the one novel nominee and it wasn't the winner.

No real surprise that Novik won the Campbell for Best New Writer. Scott Lynch may pick it up next year in a fight with Patrick Rothfuss (just guessing and predicting). In the comments of the above linked post of mine, Brandon Sanderson predicts that Novik wins this year (he called it) and Rothfuss wins next year. I think it'll depend on the success of Red Seas for Lynch.

My thoughts on the short fiction nominees back before I read them all...but reading the not reads didn't change my mind. "Impossible Dreams" was my Short Story Pick, I did not care at all for "The Djinn's Wife" for Novelette, preferring instead Mike Resnick's "All the Things You Are". For the novella category I much preferred "The Walls of the Universe" by Paul Melko over "A Billion Eves"

I like Awards. It gets me thinking about novels and stories and exposes me to work I wouldn't have read. I'm working on the World Fantasy Award nominees, as I can.

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